DeLand High School

Avant Garde 2018-2019 Dance Team


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Avant Garde. We had 37 talented dancers participate in Avant Garde auditions this year! We appreciate your commitment and shared passion throughout the 3-day audition process.


Below please find the candidate numbers and initials of those selected for next year’s 2018-2019 Avant Garde Dance Team.


PLEASE NOTE: All 2018-2019 team members will be required to participate in eligibility evaluations for each performance. Performance evaluations will be based upon knowledge of the routine, timing, impact and dance technique. The director will select the final cast for each performance.


Candidate #                   Candidate #

1. S.W.                            13. K.J.

2. A.H.                             14. L.N.

3. M.W.                             15. J.R.

4. C.R.                              16. C.M.

5. L.L.                               17. A.C.

6. C.F.                               20. A.P.

7. K.V.                               21. A.C.

10. J.V.                              24. M.J.

11. C.G.                            28. L.B.

12. A.V.                             29. L.C.

                                        30. K.C.


I encourage you all to continue your pursuit of dance here at DHS by taking a dance class. You might also consider becoming involved with FUSION, an auxiliary to the DHS marching bulldog band. FUSION is holding open auditions next week. For more details please contact sponsor Angie Kushner at: [email protected]

Becoming involved with extracurricular activities like sports and school clubs can help enrich your high school experience. Follow your dreams artistically and soar academically as we prepare for the 2018-2019 school year.  Best wishes for a successful year!


Yours in dance,

Heather Gleason

DeLand High School

Avant Garde Sponsor

[email protected]