Locker clean out & item return will be from 9am - 12pm on May 26, 27, & 28.

Laptop Return will be on Friday, May 29, from 9am - 3pm

Students will enter in the faculty lot on Plymouth Ave.

  • Students will remain in car in FACULTY LOT and wait to be directed 10 at a time to follow admin to appropriate building for locker clean out.
  • Receptacles will be available for the collection of items (textbooks, printed work, uniforms, equipment, etc.) on the back road near building 17.
  • While these dates are not meant for laptop collection, we WILL take anything they want to give us.
  • Students planning to attend summer school are approved to keep laptop through summer.
  • Students with individual needs may continue to make arrangements to come to campus to retrieve items or drop off items to the admin on duty throughout the summer.

Directions for checking and payment of obligations