Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child’s test scores for the Spring 2022 FSA ELA, FSA Math, Statewide Science, and EOC (Algebra 1, Geometry, Civics, Biology, and US History) assessments will be available on the Student and Parent Portals in FOCUS and on the FOCUS Community App. Grade 3 Reading scores are available to you now and all other scores will be available in early July.

In addition to the scores that are posted on the Student and Parent Portals and the FOCUS Community App, you will also receive a paper copy of the Individual Score Report that gives detailed information about the scores including a description of how your child performed, a breakdown of the reporting categories, and recommended resources available to you.

Beginning this year, the Individual Score Report will also be available electronically. You will access it by logging into the Student Portal or Parent Portals in FOCUS or the FOCUS Community App and clicking on Florida Statewide Assessments as shown in the pictures below:

Student and Parent Portals:

FOCUS Community App:



Individual Score Reports on the portals and App will be available in mid-June for Grade 3 Reading and mid-late July for all other assessments.

A paper copy of the Individual Score Report will still be available for you to pick up at your child’s school in late-July.

Volusia Messenger calls and text messages will be sent out once the scores and reports are available. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school.