2018 AP Exam Schedule

2018 College Board AP Exam Schedule

Week 1: May 7-11

Monday 5/7: Chemistry and Psychology

Tuesday 5/8: Physics 1

Wednesday 5/9: English Literature & Composition and Physics 2

Thursday 5/10: U.S. Government and Environmental Science

Friday 5/11: U.S. History and Studio Art

Week 2: May 14-18

Monday 5/14: Biology, Music Theory, and Physics C

Tuesday 5/15: Calculus and Computer Science

Wednesday 5/16: English Language & Composition and Macroeconomics

Thursday 5/17: World History and Statistics

Friday 5/18: Human Geography and Microeconomics

*Important Note Regarding Advanced Placement Exams:

Students should arrive to the Testing Center 30 minutes prior to their exam start time.

Many afternoon exams extend beyond the school day until 4:00. Students and parents should plan ahead for any transportation conflicts that could result from this late dismissal

  • 2018 Advanced Placement Exam Schedule - Official schedule of Exams by the College Board May2018 Exam Schedule.pdf (74.5 KBs)