2017-2018 Bell Schedule Information

Lunch Periods are determined by your 5th period class!

1st Lunch (11:12-11:54)      Buildings 1, 9, 10, 11- Upstairs, 12, 13(NOT Dance), 14, 15, 18, 19

2nd Lunch (12:09-12:51)     Buildings 2, 6, 7, 8, 11-Downstairs, 13(Dance ONLY), 17, 20 and ROTC

Students are only to be released at the start of their lunch period.

Regular Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule (51 minute classes/42 minute lunch)

Warning Bell 7:25am
Period 1 7:27am-8:18am
Warning Bell 8:22am
Period 2 8:24am-9:15am
Warning Bell 9:19am
Period 3 9:21am-10:12am
Warning Bell 10:16am
Announcements 10:18am-10:21am
Period 4 10:21am-11:12am
FIRST LUNCH 11:12am-11:54am Warning Bell 11:16am
Warning Bell 11:58am Period 5 11:18am-12:09pm
Period 5 12:00pm-12:51pm SECOND LUNCH 12:09pm-12:51pm
Warning Bell 12:55pm
Period 6 12:57pm-1:48pm
Warning Bell 1:52pm
Period 7 1:54pm-2:45pm

Early Release

(1hr Early Release/43 min. classes/39 min. lunches)

Warning Bell 7:25am
Period 1 7:27am-8:10am
Warning Bell 8:14am
Period 2 8:16am-8:59am
Warning Bell 9:03am
Period 3 9:05am-9:48am
Warning Bell 9:52am
Announcements 9:54am-9:56am
Period 4 9:56am-10:39am
FIRST LUNCH 10:39am-11:18am Warning Bell 10:43am
Warning Bell 11:22am Period 5 10:45am-11:28am
Period 5 11:24am-12:07pm SECOND LUNCH 11:28am-12:07pm
Warning Bell 12:11pm
Period 6 12:13pm-12:56pm
Warning Bell 1:00pm
Period 7 1:02pm-1:45pm

Testing Bell Schedule

DeLand High School

Testing Bell Schedule

(50-minute classes/50-minute lunch)

March 1st (FSA ELA Writing)

April 16th and April 17th (FSA ELA Reading 9th and 10th Grade)

April 23rd and April 24th (FSA EOC Algebra and EOC Geometry)

May 1st (EOC Biology and US History)


Warning Bell:        7:25 

Period 1:                7:27-8:17 

Period 2:                8:23-9:13

Period 3:                9:19-10:09

Period 4:                10:15-11:05

Lunch                    11:05-11:55

Period 5:                12:01-12:51

Period 6:                12:57-1:47

Period 7:                1:53-2:45

Announcements    2:43-2:45

Mentoring Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule (48 minute classes/62 minute lunch)

Warning Bell 7:25am
Period 1 7:27-8:17am
Warning Bell 8:21am
Period 2 8:23-9:13am
Warning Bell 9:17am
Period 3 9:19am-10:09am
Warning Bell 10:13am
Announcements 10:15am-10:17am
Period 4 10:17am-11:07am
Warning Bell 11:11am
Period 5 11:13am-12:03am
LUNCH/MENTORING 12:03am-12:53pm
Warning Bell 12:57pm
Period 6 12:59pm-1:49pm
Warning Bell 1:53pm
Period 7 1:55pm-2:45pm