School Way Cafe

School Way Café

School Way Café, as Volusia County Schools Food Service Program is known, is a partially funded federal program designed to provide nourishing meals to students in public schools.
  • Most of the food is purchased from commercial suppliers in the same manner as any restaurant. Only about 20 cents per student meal is government donated food.
  • School Way Café receives government reimbursement for each free and reduced priced meal served, and a small reimbursement for full priced paying students to help offset the cost of the lunch.  For the meals to be eligible for reimbursement, they must meet strict nutritional standards.
  • School Way Café does not receive any donated foods or cash reimbursement for adult customers. This is why we must charge adults more for the same meal served to students.
  • School Way Café is a non-profit, self supporting organization. We receive no local tax dollars and must recoup the actual cost of preparing all meals and a la carte items. These costs are food, labor, supplies and equipment costs, including delivery trucks.

DeLAnd High's Student Wellness Plan

DeLand High - School Way Café Meal Charge Policy: Effective 7-1-2017