Dear Parent:


Welcome, and thank you for enrolling your child in the DeLand High Preschool Program.  We are looking forward to this opportunity to nurture your child’s growth as we work and play together.  Our goal is to encourage the social, emotional, physical and mental growth of each child through language arts, music, science, physical and creative art activities.


Another important goal is to help each child feel good about himself/herself and to give the freedom to be creative in his/her own way (within the limits of other’s rights and not allowing destruction of property).  It is true that an adult’s work is work, but a child’s work is play.  This is how they learn through play.  There are times when “good” play can result in dirty faces and clothing.  In this regard, please send children in sturdy serviceable clothing so that they will fee free to become involved in all forms of play.


The students who care for your child are very special.  These students are training for a career with children.  They are the teachers and my role is to supervise and educate the student teachers.

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Sandra Ryder Early Childhood

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