To assist parents and students in making appropriate fashion and grooming decisions for school, the School Board has established the following minimal guidelines for the appearance and dress of students. The standards of appearance for students shall insure that the students are clean, neat, and properly dressed. They shall observe modes of dress and standards of personal grooming which are appropriate for the academic environment. It is the responsibility of the principal to see that the dress appearance of any student shall not be extreme, to the point of creating a disturbance, or be hazardous to the student and/or others, or school property, whether or not the specific case is covered by the information below. The principal or principal’s designee has the final authority for interpreting whether a student’s apparel/appearance conforms to the dress code.


As part of Volusia County School's mandatory dress code policy, DeLand High has selected our colors for approved shirt styles. DeLand High students will be able to wear solid green, black, gray, blue, or white collared polo-style shirt or oxford style button down shirt; and polo-style dresses (short- or long-sleeved; small logo acceptable).

Pants – Solid navy blue, black or tan pants, shorts, capris, skorts or jumper, including black and blue denim (small logo acceptable, no decorations).

Shoes – Can be closed toe and heel, and sandals if they are safe and appropriate.

Other things to remember:

-Clothing must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student.
-Shirts must be long enough to clearly overlap the beltline or stay tucked in.
-Middle and high students must wear a belt if belt loops are visible. The waistband must be worn and secured between the hips and waist.
-Jumpers, skirts, shorts and polo-style dresses must be at least mid-thigh or below in length.
-Clothing must not be see-through or have tears.
-Hats, sunglasses and hoods on sweatshirts may not be worn inside school buildings.

All clothing and accessories can be purchased from any store.

Dress Code Flyer

Informacion de Uniformes

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Student Appearance, Dress & Uniform Code (School Board Policy 217)