Text Books for Spring 2021 Semester

DSC Textbooks and Vouchers for Spring Semester 2021 will not be available until after Christmas Break.

Check back on this page after Christmas Break for the link to request your textbooks for DSC.

All previous DSC textbooks need to be returned when picking up Spring Semester textbooks and/or vouchers

Dual Enrollment/Early College

 For Spring Semester

Students in grades 10-12 may take some college credit courses at Daytona State College and transfer that credit back to the high school under the following conditions:

1. The student has at least a 3.0 GPA for academic courses and 2.0-2.5 GPA for certain Career and Technical Education Programs.

2. The course is needed to fulfill a high school graduation requirement.

3. The student has met the required score on one of the following tests: PERT, ACT, SAT, or TABE test.

Course offerings not offered at the home school may include foreign language, math, English, science, social studies, computer science, performing or visual arts, and others. Courses in physical education will not be available through dual enrollment for high school credit. Students may also select a vocational education program, but this must be part of a high school program they have already started.

Students interested in dual enrollment should contact their counselor at least two months prior to registration for the semester they plan to attend. Any Dual Enrollment courses taken in high school may count towards the freshman year of college Grade Point Average depending upon the policies of the college you are accepted to.

Dual Enrollment Guides