Guidance Services

Hours & Information:

Guidance Phone: 386-822-26909 Ext. 23310

Guidance Fax: 386-794-0971

Guidance services are available to students from 7:15 - 3:30 daily. Parents are asked to make appointments for the date and time they wish to have a conference by calling 822-6909 Ext 23310 (Main Guidance Office) and 822-6909 Et 23306 (ESE Office). Students are assigned counselors by grade level with the exception of IB students.

Registration is from 7:00 am – 10:30 am Monday through Friday by appointment only.

Guidance News & Updates

*Seniors, click here for your Bright Futures Application.

YPP Community Service Workshops:

Training is mandatory prior to logging any hours. Please see below for more information on YPP Community Service Workshops.



***Training is mandatory prior to logging volunteer hours***

Training is now available online throught the following link: Youth Partnership Program

Community Service Workshops:

Thursday, November 30th - in the Media Center @3pm

Check back as more dates will be added.

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Navigating your Financial Future

Click here for the Florida of Department Education "Navigating your Financial Future".

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