Career and Technical Education

CTE Tutoring 17-18


Department:      Career and Technical Education


Chair:                    P. Policke




Blanchard, D.

By appointment for lunch and after school

Brandner, B.

By appointment

Christakopoulos, C.

By appointment

Dawson, J.

After school Mon – Thurs (pending funding); both lunches Mon - Fri

Denigan, I.

By appointment

Elliot, J.

Thursdays during 1st Lunch

Folsom, C.

By appointment

Hervey, R.

By appointment

Hunt, C.

By appointment

Jagodzinski, D.

By appointment

Lowenstein, J.

By appointment or 1st Lunch

Morris-Henry, L.

By appointment

Perri, V.

By appointment during lunch and after school

Policke, P.

By appointment

Ryder, S.

By appointment

Scarborough, R.

By appointment

Smith, S.

By appointment

CTE Faculty

Name Title E-mail Website
Peter Policke Department Chair; Engineering Academy Director Website
Debra Blanchard Teacher
Brett Brandner Agricultural Science
Christos Christakopoulos Culinary
William Conley ROTC
John Crane Teacher
Jeffrey Dawson Apex Lab
Joanne Elliot AVID
Chris Folsom OJT
Fortino Garcia ROTC
Stuart Hamilton Teacher
Rick Hervey Carpentry Website
Cynthia Hunt Health Science
Debbie Jagodinzki Health Science
Jim Lowenstein Digital Video Production
Linda Morris-Henry Computing for College & Careers
Vickie Perri Digital MultiMedia
Sandra Ryder Early Childhood
Renee Scarborough Culinary Instructor
Stephanie Smith Fashion Marketing