It’s with great pleasure that Volusia County Schools nominates Dr. Melissa Carr for the 2019 Innovative Principal of the Year Award. As the former Director of Technology Services and Innovation and now proud principal of DeLand High School, Dr. Carr empowers her teachers and students to leverage technology to enhance and transform learning experiences. Dr. Carr has a passion for putting the power and potential of technology in the hands of her students. Students are encouraged to utilize collaborative digital tools like Nearpod, Canvas, and Go Formative to personalize their learning. Data drives instructional decisions and learning opportunities at DeLand High School. Dr. Carr has made great strides in minimizing the impact of state standardized assessments using technology. She reduced the number of testing days from 16 weeks to just 6 days!


Dr. Carr fosters the effective use of digital technology through her school’s technology leadership team and PLCs. Flipped faculty meetings, streamlined cross-department communication through Microsoft Teams, and “Wander in Wednesdays” are just a few ways in which she utilizes technology to promote best practices for teaching and learning. When speaking to one of her teachers, he mentioned Dr. Carr never says “no”, she always finds a way to make it happen. We believe Dr. Carr is an ideal candidate for the 2019 Innovative Principal of the Year Award.