DeLand High School

Avant Garde 2017-2018 Dance Team


Thank you for attending this past week’s Avant Garde auditions. We had many talented dancers audition this year and we appreciate your interest and dedication throughout the 3-day audition process. Below please find the candidate numbers and initials of those selected for next year’s 2017-2018 Avant Garde Dance Team.


          Candidate #                  Candidate #

1. M.W.                         9. J.V.

2. M.J.                           10. K.V.

4. S.W.                          13. P.L.

5. C.F.                            14. J.R.

6. C.R.                            16. K.C.

          7. P.K.                            17. C.G.

          8. A.H.                           20. L.N.

                                                21. K.W.


I encourage you all to continue your pursuit of dance here at DHS! FUSION is still looking for dancers. For more details please contact sponsor April Hughes at: [email protected]  Becoming involved with extracurricular activities like sports and school clubs can help enrich your high school experience. Follow your dreams artistically and soar academically as we prepare for the 2017-2018 school year.  Best wishes for a successful year!


Yours in dance,

Heather Gleason

DeLand High School

Avant Garde Sponsor