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Courses 2017-18

Liberal Arts Math 2

1st Quarter Assignments:

REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Binder, lined paper, math graph paper (grid paper), Pencils, "red" pens, Scientific calculator (graphing calculator OPTIONAL)

Sub Wksht #1: Solving Equations (Ivy League p38); KUTA Wksht Simplifying Radicals #1-13 odds; #2-14 evens; Wksht 10-2G #14-20 evens, 24-28 evens, 11-19 odds, 25,27,29; Wksht 10-3G #3-18 odds,18; 8-14 evens; Pizzazz Wksht pg 155 ("Loans")

Wksht 3.7G #1-5;6-10 even,20; 7,12-13,15-16; Wksht 3-8G #1-2,7-8; 15,17; 3,9,16,18; 6,11; Slope-Intercept Matching Wksht; 3.7-3.8 Review Wksht 

Using Ti-Nspires to graph Linear Equations #1-4; #5-6; #7-8,11;

2nd Quarter Assignments:

Wksht 4-1G #7-9,15-17; 2,6,11,12; 13-14,19,21; 23; Wksht 4-2G #1-11 odds; 19; 15-19 (y-intercept), 26-29; Rev Wksht 4.1-4.2;  Wksht 4-3;

Wksht 4-4G #1-6, 10; 8-16 even, 7,13; 17-19,28-29; 30-32; 20-24,33-36; Factoring Maze Wksht;

Factoring Rev Wksht 4-4 odds; evens;


1st Quarter Assignments:

REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Binder, lined paper, math graph paper (grid paper), Pencils, "red" pens, Protractor, math compass, ruler, Scientific calculator

KUTA Wksht Two Step Equations odds; evens; KUTA Wksht Simplifying Radicals alternating odds; alternating evens; Vocabulary Matching Page; Wkbk 1-1SP #1-4,9-12; Wkbk 1-3SP #5,6,17,17; Wksht 1-2 (Segments) all; 

Wkbk 3-1SP #2-20 even; Pizzazz Wksht D-31 "Judges"; Wkbk 3-2SP #2-18 even; Wksht 3-2 "Angles in Transversals"; Wkbk 2-8SP #1-6; Wkbk 2-8P #1,3; Angles Review Wksht; Wksht 3-2 #2 (Yellow) "Angles in Transversals"

Wkbk 4-1SP #1-13 odds; Wkbk 4-2SP #2-14 evens; KUTA Wksht Ext Angles odds

2nd Quarter Assignments:

Wksht Kuta Translations; Wksht Kuta Reflections; Wksht Kuta Rotations; Wksht Kuta All Transformations; 

Wksht 4-4K #2-5,8-10; Wksht 4-4R/4-5R; Kuta Wksht All 4; Math ixl Practice Geometry K.5;

Pizzazz Wksht D-34/D-35; Wksht CPCTC; Wksht Ch 4 Rev;

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IXL Learning / Math: https://www.ixl.com/math/

Class Zone: http://www.classzone.com/books/algebra_2/index.cfm?state=FL

Cool Math: http://www.coolmath-games.com/ 

State Testing Information

Florida Standards Assessments Information: www.flassessments.org

(Includes ALL state practice tests)

PARCC practice tests: http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/math/

Escambia County FSA Review: www.ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/Math