For the 2020-21 school year, DeLand High School will be hosting virtual orientations. There will be one for each grade level. Participants will be able to ask questions. All orientations will be from 6-7pm.

Freshman orientation will be Monday, August 24th.

Sophomore orientation will be Tuesday, August 25th.

Junior orientation will be Wednesday, August 26th.

Senior orientation will be Thursday, August 27th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find my schedule?

Student schedules can be found on VPortal:

Directions for accessing can be found at:

*NOTE ABOUT SCHEDULES: The District is aware that room numbers are not showing up on schedules and are working to correct the issue.

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What if I need to change my schedule?
Schedule changes are made online by filling out this form: Return to Top
How do I speak to my school counselor?
You can now request an appointment with your counselor online. Visit the School Counselor Page to schedule an appointment. Just click on the website link next to your counselor's name. Return to Top
Where can I find a school map?
School maps can be found at: Return to Top
How do I find out my bus route information?

Bus route information can be found on the Student Transportation Page at:

If you need additional assistance, you can call the school and ask for the Transportation Office.

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How do I get my school ID & Locker info?

IDs will be distributed the first week of school in English classes. If the student does on have an English class on campus, their ID will be distributed through another class basses on their schedule.

Locker information will be distributed to students who have purched a locker via their first period class. If they do not have a first period class, their information will be given to them through another class based on their schedule. Those who have purchased before school started will recieve their info the first week of school.

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How do I find out about yearbook portraits?
This informatin can be found the Yearbook page. Return to Top
Where do I find more information about Volusia Live?
Please visit our Volusia Live Page for more information. If you still have questions, please call Student Services at 386-822-6909 Ext. 23310 Return to Top