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Welcome, and thank you for enrolling your child in the DeLand High Preschool Program.  We are looking forward to this opportunity to nurture your child’s growth as we work and play together.  Our goal is to encourage the social, emotional, physical and mental growth of each child through language arts, music, science, physical and creative art activities.


Our Vision:  To be an early learning program that fosters the growth and development of every child who walks through the Bullpup doors.


Our Mission:  To build each child’s character through family partnerships, while providing high quality training based on current research and strong curriculum.  We will support each child in their social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.  These levels of development will guide your child towards making a positive contribution to future generations and their destiny. 


The students who care for your child are very special.  These students are training for a career with children.  They are the teachers and my role is to supervise and educate the student teachers.