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VCS Career Academy Application - Due: Jan 29, 2021

For more information about the Communications & Engineering Academies, as well at Career and Technical Education programs at DeLand High, you can contact Melissa Lundell at: 


The Communications Academy at DeLand High School will provide students with rigorous, hands on, real world experiences to prepare them for the industry. Students will have a comprehensive overview of communications in which they can then choose a path to continue on throughout their four years of high school. These paths include Digital Design, TV Production, and Journalism. In all paths, students will participate in “market-ready” activities which include being tested on and passing the industry exams in the appropriate courses along with being placed in the field with various internship hosts.
The Engineering Academy is an exciting opportunity for our students to explore the many fields of engineering. The Academy emphasizes math, science, computer, and communication skills, while giving students experience with problem solving, logical sequencing, presentation skills, and organizational skills. Students gain hands-on experience with robotics, computer numerically controlled machines and other industry specific equipment. Students are required to fill out an application and must meet minimum requirements of at least 2.5 GPA, "C" in Algebra I, good attendance and discipline records.