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Florida KidCare Health Insurance

Florida KidCare is our state's free or low cost health insurance program that provides comprehensive health coverage for children under 19 years old. Getting health coverage for your children before they become sick is very important. Children need regular check-ups so they can grow strong and healthy. Healthy children do their best at school and play.

Florida KidCare services include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Check-ups and shots
  • Hospital, surgery and emergency services
  • Vision, hearing screening
  • Prescriptions

Eligibility for Florida KidCare is based on income and family size. Your child may be eligible for health insurance, even if both parents are working.

Florida KidCare includes four different programs. When you apply for the insurance, Florida KidCare will check which program you may qualify for based on the child's age and family income.

If your child is uninsured we can help you.

Please call Theresa Watson, RN, MSN,  Health Services (386) 734-7190 ext. 20516  with any questions concerning Florida KidCare or the application process.

Meet Our Teachers

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You can click on a teacher’s subject area to view their syllabi.


Subject Area

Addonizio, Michelle

Geometry, Probability & Statistics

Allen, Steve

Phys Ed

Ashford, Katina

Health Science

Azucar, Jorge


Banker, Sabrina

Algebra 1

Bastian, Diana

Algebra 1

Bishop, Michelle

English 4, English 4 Honors

Bismore, Roger

User Interface Design

Blanchard, Debra


Boorom, Stephanie

Biology 1

Brandner, Brett

Agriscience Foundations

Brinkmann, Lindsay

AP US Hist,  IB History,  IB Theory of Knowledge

Brown, Madeline

Algebra 1

Camacho, Mendi

Psychology,  AP Psychology

Carson, Bryan

AP Visual Arts, IB Visual Arts

Cawthon, Ross

Chorus,  IB Music

Cheponis, Irene


Cindric, Anna

Phys Ed

Clayton, Jennifer

Anatomy & Physiology

Clouser, Deborah


Connell, Sue


D'Aquino, Kristin


Dawson, Jeffery

Edgenuity InstructionsRemote Proctor Agreement

Dempsey, Amy

Englsih 2,  Pre-IB English 2

Denigan, Isaac (Digital Info TechOJT)

Career Tech,  Digital Info TechOJT

Dorcy, Griselda

Economics & Government

Dowdell, Chris

Economics & Government

Dundon, Jennifer

Analysis of Funtions & Trionometry

Ebbert, James

Math, Science, Computer Science

Ellis, Rebecca


Finkle, Andrea

English 4, English 4 Honors,  IB English 4

Finkle, David

English 1, English 1 Honors/Pre-IB,  Creative Writing

Folsom, Chris (Custom PromoEngineering)

Adavnce Tech Applications,  Custom Promo,  Engineering Tech 3

Foster, Arlen

Enviromental Science

Froehlich, Angela

Culinary Arts, Hospitality

Gandhi, Anamika

Algebra 1

Garcia, Fortino


Garten, Heather


Gilbert, Tom

2D Art, 3D Art, Ceramics, Drawing 1

Gleason, Heather


Goldy, Valerie

AP World HistIB Psych SLIB Psych HL

Guarneri, Celeste

Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus

Hamilton, Stuart


Heaberlin, Tambra


Hervey, Rick


Hill, Tara

English 3, English 3 Honors

Holland, Kristen

IB Math, AP Statistics, Probablity & Statistcs

Hunt, Cynthia


Jendrzejewski, Jeanne

Spanish, IB Spanish

Jenkins, Tonyia

English 3, English 3 Honors

Johnson, Mary (English) (Yearbook)

English 1, English 1 Honors,  Yearbook

Jones, Marlo

US History

Jovanovic, Sylvia


Kern, Kendall

Math Support Team Scheduling Link

Keuten, Garon

Earth Space Science

Kierstead, Kimberly

Chemistry, Chemistry Honors,  Earth Space Science Honors

Kinsella-Brinley, Kristan

Photo 1Photo 2PortfolioStudio ArtAP Studio Art

Kranz, Katie

World History

Kurlander, Monika

IB History,  World History

LaChance, Alexis

Biology 1

LaCombe, Leia

English 1English 1 HonorsAP Liturature & Composition

Lauterman, Frank

Culinary Arts

Leavens, Jamie

Chemistry HonorsIB Chem 1IB Chem 2

Leimer, Monica


Lowenstein, Jim

Video Production

MacGinnis, Jessica

US History

Manning, Alfred

Phys Ed

Manning, Joel

Algebra 1 Honors

McConkey, Ryan

English 4English 4 Honors

McDaniel, Loretta

Phys Ed

Monaco, Joe

Culinary Arts

Moody, Thomas

Phys Ed

Morgan, Elizabeth (Zoom Link)

English 1

Morgan, Jayne


Morgante, Michelle


Morning, William

Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors

Murphy, Michael

Economics & Government

Neisler, Kyle

Economics & Government

Ortiz-Rivera, Laura

Reading  (Spanish)

Paterno, Laura

Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors/Pre-IB

Perri, Vickie

Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations

Policke, Peter

Engineering Tech, Physics

Prather, Zachary

Spanish 1, Pre-IB Spanish

Radford, Shelby

US HistoryWorld History

Rizzo, Robert

English 2, English 2 Honors

Rodriguez- Conti, Dr. Schandra


Rosso, Cindy

BiologyIB Biology 1IB Biology 2

Ryder, Sandra

Early Childhood

Schaffer, Rebecca

English 2

Sedore, Monica

English 3, English 3 HonorsAP Composition, IB English 3

Sejansky, Ann

Theatre 1Theatre 2Theatre 3, Theatre 4, IB

Shannon, Stephen

English 2, English 2 Honors

Shea, Katherine

World History

Shea, Timothy (Zoom Link)

Digital Info Tech, Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Sibio, Kimberly


Sigler, Susan


Simmons, Dennis

Math: College Readiness

Smith, Clint

Math: College Readiness

Smith, Lorinda

Math Support Team Scheduling Link

Smith, Sarah

AP EuroWorld HistoryWorld History Honors

Sniffen, April


Swain, Karen

English 1English 2

Tate, Dean (Teams Link)


Turner, Tracey

Algebra 2

Vaughn, Kelli

Biology 1, Biology 1 Honors,  Meet the Teacher Info Sheet

Wallace, Rebecca

GeometryGeometyr Honors

Watkins, Mary

English 3English 4

Wetter, Justin

AP Human GeoAP World History

Wilson, Katie

English 3, English 3 Honors

Wilson, Shirley

Math Support Team Scheduling Link