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Campus Parking

Juniors & Seniors ONLY!



To qualify for a parking pass you must have: 

1. Valid FLORIDA driver's license
2. Current FLORIDA Vehicle Registration in your name or family member's name
3. Valid, up-to-date Insurance Card.
4. Parking Pass is $50


A student’s parking privilege may be revoked for the following reasons:

1. Entering the parking lot during school day without proper pass.
2. Allowing another student to drive your vehicle.
3. Unauthorized absence from campus or sitting in car during class time (skipping class).
4. Taking another student off campus without proper school ID or authorization from the school.
5. Transferring a sticker put on your vehicle to another vehicle or illegally receiving a sticker to put on your vehicle.
6. Reckless driving and/or speeding in the parking lot or within the perimeter of the school.
7. Failure to follow all posted signs when entering or exiting campus.


To transfer a sticker from one vehicle to another, a student must have:

1. The Current Registration & Insurance to the new vehicle.
2. A Completed Form with the new information filled in.
3. Remains of the Old Sticker.


YOU MUST HAVE A PERMANENT STICKER IN ORDER TO GET A TEMPORARY ONE. If for some reason a student must temporarily drive a family-owned vehicle, other than the stickered vehicle, he/she must obtain a temporary permit from the Activities Office, building 4. This permit should be obtained before first period. The temporary permit must be used on a car that is on the same insurance policy as the original sticker. If you do not have a sticker, you do not qualify for a temporary. A temporary cannot be issued for more than 1week and must be returned to the front gate when it has expired or is no longer needed. Failure to return a temporary pass may result in a loss of parking privileges and obligation.


1.  Students will not park in handicap parking, designated parking with signage, faculty lot, or visitors spots.
2.  Students must exit their car and enter campus immediately upon parking. Loitering in the parking lot will not be       permitted.
3.  Students should return to their cars ONLY when leaving school at the end of the scheduled day, at lunch, or               after checking through proper procedures.
4. Stickers, once issued, may not be altered or laminated. Stickers must be permanently affixed on the windshield,        driver’s side, and may not be removed for any reason other than to turn it in. Penalty – purchase of a new sticker      required.
5. Vehicles displaying words, graphics, or designs which in the opinion of the school administration are in poor              taste or in violation of VCSB policy are prohibited.
6. The administration of DeLand High School reserves the right to make any adjustments it deems necessary to            enforce student parking regulations.
7. Florida law provides for the search of any vehicle on campus by the school administration upon                        reasonable suspicion that a violation of a school rule is occurring.